Celebrating 24 YEARS!
Our testimonials have come from Parents like you! Most have been copied from the Chesapeake Family Magazine website.

Bayside is a Simply Wonderful Summer Camp!
Bayside Day Camp (at Sandy Point State Park) is a wonderful, local camp that our son has loved attending for 5 years now. Our younger son
has started to attend and thoroughly enjoys it, too.
Mike and Georgia (Rafiki and Sierra to the kids) are the couple who run the camp and they are, quite simply, the most energetic, creative,
kindest, dedicated people you could ever hope to meet. They hire warm, engaging counselors, many of whom are former campers.

Great Camp!!!
My kids (son and daughter, 11 years old) had such a great time last summer at Bayside! It is a great all around camp that offered a lot of
activities and keeps the kids busy all day. They are worn out at the end of each day! The staff was very friendly and helpful. We will definitely
be back again this summer!

Mom of Two
My kids have gone to this camp for years. In fact, most of the kids in our neighborhood attend Bayside. Fishing, sports, crafts, cooking,
crabbing, canoeing, paddleboarding, swimming.... the children come home utterly exhausted every night, with smiles on their faces that
stretch from ear to ear. If your kids are older, Bayside has a wonderful leadership/youth counselor program. My oldest can't wait to qualify!
Now, how to get the smell of the stinky kids out of my car....

Wonderful Summer Camp
Bayside Summer Adventure Camp is wonderful. Summer outside at the bay, what could be better! Love the incorporation of science and
nature into the camp and the exceptional counselors.

My 8 year old daughter had so much fun last summer. So many activities to choose from. The counselors are amazing. The counselors have a
great attitudes and energy. You just have a great vibe when you drop off your child and pick them up. The owners are very approachable
and helpful in making sure your child has a great experience.
My daughter is waiting to come back and this time we are bringing little sister too!

Great Outdoor Camp!
LOVE Bayside. It takes things back to "the way it used to be." Swimming, crafts, canoeing, crabbing, games, sports. Its a true outdoor camp.
My kids (5, 7, 9) as well as my nephews (13, 15) all ALL love bayside and would go all summer if they could. I highly recommend it!!

My daughter has attended Bayside Summer Adventure Camp for seven years. It has always been her first choice in the summer. She loves the
activities and the staff. I love that she is outside and unplugged all summer! She has learned all the traditional camp games and crazy songs
and had the opportunity to canoe, fish, crab, swim and just enjoy being outside. She can't wait to see her Bayside family again this summer!
Creating a Camp.
We (Georgia and Mike) never intended to start a private summer camp. It all began with our
desire to work for a community non-profit. In 1997 we accepted leadership positions with the
financially struggling (former) YMCA of Anne Arundel County. The goal was to utilize our skill
and background to help the organization revitalize their youth programs. Unfortunately, a few
months after beginning the process of creating a new summer camp and other youth
programs the board of the YMCA declared bankruptcy and closed the doors. With the
summer getting close many families that had signed up for camp were going to lose monies
that had been paid for summer camp and were being forced to make alternative
arrangements. While the YMCA of Central Maryland began to create programs in the county
they did not want to take on any programs associated with the former YMCA, it took the
YMCA of the USA to help Baywatch Camp (the program Mike and Georgia created for the
now closed AA County YMCA) stay on track. Called Baywatch, Mike and Georgia led a small
staff on a successful first summer offering the program at Sandy Point State Park. With no
professional positions being offered through the YMCA of Central Maryland our positions
ended after the first summer.
Through the encouragement from those initial families that attended that first summer and
those we stood up for, we began the process of opening and creating a unique summer
program that we named  BAYSIDE SUMMER ADVENTURE CAMP.
Bayside Summer Camp
Founder, Education Director & Teacher, Georgia has her master’s degree in Early
Childhood Education and undergraduate degrees from SOSU in Theater & Music.
Georgia also started a small preschool program (that continues today) called TAL.
Georgia has enjoyed teaching, creating, developing & implementing a multitude of
programs for children and families for many years.  With an extensive summer camp
background she is part of the foundation that makes Bayside the place it is. As an
educator she has also been fortunate to travel to Reggio Emilia twice for short, study
abroad experiences to help better grasp the important work being done there within
the community and amongst educators from all around the world. Georgia is seeking
to create an Annapolis Learning Collaborative (ALC), a professional community for
early childhood educators. If you are looking for a small preschool check out the TALS
preschool program pages.
Click here if interested!
Activity Specialist and teacher, Michael (Rafiki), has had the great fortune to fill most of his
days with work and play along side children and their families. He worked his way through
college at YMCA Camp Letts and was on track to obtain a degree in Business/Accounting.
What started as a summer job, became a discovery of a passion for working outdoors and with
children. At 15 he began as an Aide at Camp Letts and eventually worked his way up to
become a full time Assistant Director for YMCA Camp Letts with the shared responsibility hiring,
training and supervising the summer program and it's 80 staff. He then went on to creating and
developing overnight camps for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In 9 years he
took the program from operating one small camp program at a local state park to operating
six different camps located throughout the state. With no full-time job offer from the state he
was forced to move on. The next challenge led to the opening of Bayside Summer Adventure
Camp.   A short professional position with the YMCA of Anne Arundel County and their
unexpected bankruptcy led to the creation of Bayside Summer Adventure Camp.  In the "off-
season", he helps create wonderful opportunities for students attending the TALS Education
Program. He is dedicated- helping children grow, utilizing the outdoors and the “teachable
moments” that we encounter every day.
Sandy Point State Park is a wonderful place to run our program. With our background in
outdoor programming it seemed natural to find a park that would allow everything from sports
to nature, art to science and boating and fishing as well. Georgia and Mike believe it is
important for children to have the ability to be outside in a safe environment.

Since we started we have brought over 24,00 youth through the park and paid over a half
million dollars in fees.