2019 Summer Camp Options Update Comming Soon!!!
Outdoor Adventure Day Camps-Ages 4 to 13
...Friendships, Laughter, Memories
Sandy Point State Park is the location where we combine wildlife, recreation, outdoor adventure & discovery into one! Children choose
activities based on their own interests. Outdoor camp programs are run at, but not affiliated with, Sandy Point State Park. If your child
wants to plan their own summer camp have them join us! We strive to make our programs affordable so everyone can enjoy a Specialty
Camp designed for their interests! Do not delay sign up today! Look below: we are parent friendly too!

◊ One-Week Sessions Offered                                ◊ Monday through Friday                        ◊ Limited Enrollment                         
◊ Extended Hours Available (7:30am/6pm)         ◊ Optional Camp Outs                               ◊ Daily Swimming & Beach Activities
◊ Transportation Available                                       ◊ Campers Choose Activities!                ◊ Family Owned/Operated –23rd Season!

                                                            2019 Session Dates
   1       June 17th - 21st                             3b      July 1st - 5th**                             6    July  22nd - 26th                             9     Aug. 12th - 16th      
   2       June 24 - 28th                                  4      July 8th - 12th                              7    July 29th - August 2nd                  10     Aug. 19th - 23rd  
July 1 - 3rd*                                    5      July 15th & 19th                           8    August 5th- 9th                              11    Aug. 26th - 30th
* Three Day Camp (Closed July 4th/5th)                **Monday/Tuesday Day Trip combined with July 3rd - 5th Overnight camp experience!
Available from: Crofton: Crofton Park;  Gambrills: Arundel High School;  Millersville:  Shipley’s Choice Elementary;  Arnold: Severn River Middle School
Severna Park: Severna Park High School & Folgers McKinsey Elementary;  Annapolis: Annapolis High School & Gemantown Elementary
Davidsonville: Davidsonville Park and Ride     
◊Cost: $215 per week, per child         ◊Offered All Sessions     ◊Extended Hours and Bus Available    
Session 3a cost is $130

Full Day hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm with 30 minute grace period for pick-up (4:30pm)
Extended Hours (7:30am - 9:00am and 4:00pm - 6:00pm)

Created to provide children a wide variety of activities from sports (soccer, lacrosse, golf, football, roller blading,
basketball, baseball), arts and crafts (drawing, cartooning, painting), science, crabbing, fishing, canoeing/paddle
boarding, cooking, hiking, exploring, nature activities Bug Hunt, Dinosaurs and Fossils, group games, water games,
drama, dance, puppetry and so much more! Optional Camp-Outs are planned for the following: Session 3 (June 28th),
Session 5 (July 12), Session 6 (July 19th - families only), Session 9 (August 9th) and Session 11 (August 23rd). Send us
an email if you would like us to send you a sample activity sign up sheet:  

.....Discovery, Exciting, Fun  
Cost listed is total camp fee.   -   All Specialty Camps have limited enrollment.
These extensions of our Day Camp program are designed to meet the needs of children who have special interests or are interested
in developing new ones.  Some Specialty Camp programs offer a half-day specialty focus activity combined with the chance to choose
one or two additional activities to create a camp of their choosing. For example: Kids that love to cook can now also choose to spend
time paddle boarding and canoeing as well. Or maybe ......Catch a fish in the morning and cook it after lunch at Cooking Camp! If you
child just likes art, then they can choose from the other art options in the morning and then spend a more focused/advanced Art
Camp in the afternoon. Two of the Specialty Camps are all about the activity: Sports and Fishing camps will stay as a group all day.

Soccer/Sports/Fitness Camp  [For Ages 8-15]   Session     June th –th  (Camp Fee $235)
For the child that loves sports!  Camp will have an emphasis on soccer fundamentals, but will also include other sports that will focus
on skill development & team work. Daily fitness & conditioning will round out the camp. Every child will receive a soccer ball.

Fishing/Boating/Crabbing [For Ages 9-15]     Session     July th -th     (Camp Fee $)
(Very Limited Enrollment) -
Love fishing, crabbing-or simply spending time on the water? Then join this very limited enrollment
camp. Participants will be given a rod to keep and use throughout the week. Fishing fundamentals and technique will be the focus, but
campers will also try canoeing/paddle boarding, crabbing and trot-linning. Campers will cook and eat their catch on Friday-weather
permitting. This is geared for those that want to fish all day every day. (Note to first time campers  - we offer fishing and crabbing,
canoeing and paddle boarding every session throughout the summer.)

STEAM Camp [For Ages 8-15]  - Session    July th - th (Camp Fee $265)
Kids enjoy a fun filled week of STEM activities with art added in. Lego robotics and Kinex's; Amazing sound (make an instrument
creating a phonograph like Thomas Edison and understanding sound waves; Taking flight; discovering how things stay aloft and mini
drone racing and much more!  

Creative Art and Photography [For Ages 9-15]  - Session     July th - th   (Camp Fee $265)
Enjoy art & taking photos? Participants will explore a variety of art mediums as they create their own works of art. Every camper will
also work on a portfolio of the world around them (think nature/camp). Creativity strongly encouraged!

Cooking Camp! Outdoor Cook-Off [For Ages 9-15] - Session    Aug. th - th   (Camp Fee $265)
Does your child enjoy cooking shows? Children learn to
prepare, present & feast on their own creations in this unique outdoor, “hands-on” cooking program.
Mixing, measuring, cooking & of course, eating! Will your child be the Bayside Cooking Champion?
Teen Leadership Trainee Program-Ages 14-15
…Learning, Teaching, Growing
Held in conjunction with our Outdoor Day Camp at Sandy Point State Park, this program (Session 3 –June 25th - 29th) is
designed to help today’s teen develop their own sense of responsibility & leadership potential.  LT’s will participate in a variety of
discussions & activities centered on personal growth and development.  LT’s will also be encouraged to participate, assist and
possibly lead certain camp activities. Successful completion allows teens to sign up for additional sessions.  Cost: $110
Camp Ultimate – Day Camp for Ages 8 to 13   June 17th- August 30th
Specialty Camps – Day Camps for Ages 8 to 15   DATES ARE NOT YET SET!
(Completion of Kindergarten recommended–not required)
◊Cost: Full Day - $215 per week, per child                 ◊  Offered All Sessions
3a cost $130                                Extended Hours and Bus Transportation Available

Full Day hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm with 30 minute grace period for pick-up (4:30pm)
Extended Hours (7:30am - 9:00am and 4:00pm - 6:00pm)

1/2 Day White Tail Option for 4 & 5 year olds: $145 per week, per child        Hours: 9:15am -1:30pm
1/2 Day option only available session 2 through Session 10.                         No Transportation available
Session 3a 1/2 Day option is $90

Children participate in a variety of activities that you and they have chosen, with the emphasis on fun and
exploration.  Sports (soccer, t-ball, lacrosse & others), ooey gooey science, messy mixtures, edible art, learn about
birds, dinosaurs & fossils, pirates & treasure, arts & crafts, crabbing and nature activities to name a few.  Optional
Family Camp-Out Session 6 - July 19th.
Camp White Tail – Day Camp for Ages 4 to 7
Full and 1/2 Day Options - June 17th -August 30th
Early Bird Trip Camp – Day Camp for Ages 7 to 13 - June 11th- 15th
We will offer a program for those families that need it if enough families are interested.
If this is you, contact fellow families and let us know and we can create a camp that meets your needs. We would need at least 12
campers to make it work. We would utilize our returning staff to create a separate summer camp experience.
Overnight/Trip Camp – Camp for Ages 9 to 15  - Session 3b  July 1st - 5th
We are still putting together the last details on this week long camp. Our first day will be spent at Sandy Point State Park getting
to know the kids and enjoying the water. Canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming and other fun activities. Tuesday we are
tentatively planning on visiting a local adventure park. Then pack your backs as we head out on July 4th for fun and fireworks. At
least one of our three days will be spent at an amusement park. More details to follow soon. Participants can use all
transportation at no additional cost with the exception of Wednesday. We will offer limited alternative transportation options for
Wednesday morning. Space will be very limited.

Cost and schedule will be finalized by March 1.