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2018 Bayside Summer Adventure Camp FAQ
(We are currently updating this information, will be updated by 2/21/2018
During Session 5, Camp White Tail Campers & their families will be invited to attend a special camp out!  At least one adult
must accompany beginning at 5:30pm until 7:30 am the following morning.  A cookout, beach exploration, canoeing, treasure
hunt & campfire are some of the possible activities part of the fun.  Any White Tail or Ultimate camper and their family may
participate regardless of their registered session.  See Camp Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Overnights 1.5 for What To Bring
List and CCRI provided items.  An e-mail notice will be sent out to all registered camp participants with registration form.  

P.O. Box 221 Crownsville, MD. 21032
Phone 410.266.6132  
E-Mail: creativecri@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.creativecri.org or www.baysidesummercamp.com

Creative Community Resources, Inc. is a community service organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives
of children, families and communities.  Through a multitude of year ‘round programs both recreational and educational, it is our
mission to increase personal awareness, instill confidence in self and others, and to work to build strong families and healthier

How would CCRI respond to child abuse?
CCRI takes child abuse very seriously and will report any suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.

Children should wear clothing suitable for an active day at camp.  We recommend shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes (no
sandals).  Parents are advised to MARK their child's first and last names on all clothing, bags, towels and lunch boxes.  Parents
are encouraged to make sure their child comes home with his/her proper bag and lunch box at the end of each day.  Staff
cannot be held responsible for children's personal belongings.  We advise parents not to send expensive articles to camp.  
While every effort will be made to locate lost items, the camp is not responsible for replacing them.  Items left at camp will be
placed in a lost and found box.  All items not claimed by the end of each camp session will be donated to a worthy cause.

How do you communicate with parents?
Notices may be sent home with your child to inform you about special events and/or other information that families need to
know regarding camp.  Please make sure to check with your child about these notices. If indicated on registration form all
notices will be sent by e-mail as well. E-mails will also be sent. Phone calls will be placed to the first contact on child's
registration form if there is a need to contact a parent/gaurdian.

What disabilities can CCRI accommodate?
In order for CCRI to provide the best day/overnight camp experience for your child, we ask that prior to registration, you consult
with the Executive Director or Camp Coordinator regarding any special needs required by your child.  Children with disabilities
will be enrolled on an individual basis.  We will make every attempt to serve all children.

What is your discipline policy?
Good behavior will be elicited in a positive and kind way.  Children will be given understandable guidelines for their behavior so
that they develop internal control of their actions.  The staff will work cooperatively with parents, keeping them informed of
behavior problems and methods used to teach and guide the child towards socially acceptable behavior.  Behavior problems
that cannot be resolved may result in dismissal of the child.  No refund will be given if this occurs.

What are the camps EMERGENCY PROCEDURES?
All precautions will be taken to prevent serious health risk to all campers.  In the event that a minor injury occurs, first aid will be
administered at the camp site by the camp staff.  The following procedures will be followed:
-  First aid will be provided and the incident recorded in the Camp Health Log.
-  The child will be observed continuously and made as comfortable as possible during and following the administration        of
first aid.

In the event that a major injury or health problem arises and professional medical care is required, the following steps will be

-  Immediate first aid will be administered at the camp site by a staff person until professional services arrive.  All efforts will be
made by the staff to keep your child comfortable.
-  You will be contacted.  If you cannot be reached, your emergency contact person will be notified.
-  911 will be called.
-  A staff person will accompany your child to the hospital and remain until you or your emergency contact person arrives.
- The incident will be described in writing on a CCRI Accident Form.
-  Members of our camp staff are trained in CPR and first aid.  Please note: CCRI does not incur the cost of medical         
treatment and it is imperative that you indicate on your child's health history form what type of health insurance you carry.

Camp Emergency Contact Phone #410-533-2783 PLEASE USE ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.

Can parents evaluate the camp?
We will be e-mailing program evaluations to parents during the summer sessions.  We ask that you complete & return these
evaluations.  They are very important to us in being able to provide the best program and to correct any deficiencies that you
might encounter.  We invite you to also speak directly with the Summer Camp Coordinator or Executive Director about your
concerns or praise.

Are there extended hours?
Extended Hours are available for children participating in White Tail & Ultimate Camps and can be dropped off and picked up
directly from Sandy Point State Park for an additional expense.  The extended hours are available between 7:30-9am and 4-6:
00pm. Children in the Extended Hours program will be given a variety of structured and non-structured activities to choose from
each day.  Activities may include: science & nature, puzzles and board games, use of playground, arts & crafts, hiking, sports,
group games, and special events.

What if my child is sick?
If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  If your child comes to camp ill, we will ask that you return to pick him/her up.  
We have the health of the rest of the children to consider.  When a child is sent home with a communicable disease, he/she
cannot return to camp without a note from a doctor indicating the child is well.  Children will be sent home for the following
reasons: fever, diarrhea, lice, unexplainable rash, upset stomach and/or vomiting.  Please make sure that your emergency
information is up-to-date.

All programs officially end at 4:00 p.m. daily, with pick-up at park by 4:30 for those participants not utilizing the bus
transportation or late stay.  Extended hours are available 7:30-9am & 4-6:00pm for children dropped off and picked up directly
from Sandy Point State Park.  All other children should be picked up from transportation drop off sites at the specified times
(see Transportation page in the camp brochure).  The following policy applies to all camp programs and extended hours.
Children are to be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the latest designated time from Sandy Point State Park or from
each individual transportation drop off site. Any child left after this time will be cared for by a CCRI staff member until his or her
parent arrives & a $5.00 per 5 minute charge will be assessed.

In the event that no notification has been made to the CCRI office, these policies will immediately be implemented:
1.        CCRI will attempt to contact the parent(s) for instruction.
2.        The CCRI staff member will attempt to contact the person listed on the Emergency Card to arrange pick-up. The parent
will be charged a late fee.
3.        If the 15 minute grace period has passed and no contact has been made with the parent(s) or Emergency contacts, the
local police will take the child to the police station until a parent arrives for pick-up.

All campers need to bring a lunch and a drink(s) to camp each day unless otherwise notified.  An Igloo Cooler type lunch box is
recommended and is frequently preferred by parents.  Do not send any glass containers.  Lunches will not be refrigerated and
we ask that you do not send lunches that contain mayonnaise or other items that will spoil if not kept cold.  An additional option
is to freeze lunches and juice overnight to help keep them fresh throughout the day.  Please mark all lunches with first and last
names each day.  

If your child is registered for Extended Hours, please send a snack.  There will be a snack period during late stay.

For your child's safety, it is important to keep the information updated on all of these forms.  Emergency phone numbers are
particularly necessary.

Staff will encourage campers to administer their own medication only when a written medication form has been filled out by the
parent/legal guardian & only when medications are accompanied by instructions to camp.  Overnights are not exempt.  Inhaler,
Epi Pens, Ear/Eye Drops, Aspirin & Allergy medicines also require written consent  All medications must be in their original
container for both prescription and over the counter medications and must clearly state expiration date.  Medications will
automatically be thrown out if date has expired with or without parent consent. All medications should be turned into CCRI staff
at park or bus stop in the morning.  Do not put medications in lunch boxes or camp bags.

Please do not allow your children to bring money to camp unless otherwise requested for special events.  Children will not be
allowed to purchase anything at the camp site.  If extra beverages are desired, please send them from home.

A “Meet The Staff” optional orientation will be held prior to camp (Wednesday, June ? at Sandy Point State Park) beginning at
6:30pm. This is an opportunity for new and/or returning parents to meet some of the staff and provides a chance to ask some
specific questions regarding camp.  Children are always welcome and encouraged to come along.  An e-mail will be sent out
and/or the date and location will be on the office phone message.

Parents or an authorized individual (as documented on CCRI Records a driver’s license each time a child is being picked up at
the end of camp.  Parents are required to check their children in and sign them out each day for each camp.  This system is
designed to ensure the safety of your child and to make sure that only the proper individuals, designated by you, pick up your
child.  This is required by State Licensing.

In the event that you or your designated person(s) are unable to pick up your child at the scheduled time and a different
person (not listed on CCRI records) arrives to pick up your child, CCRI will not release your child unless CCRI has received
written notification by Parent/Guardian in advance.  If no written notification has been provided, CCRI will place a phone call to
the parent/guardian.  In the instance that there is no note and no contact made with parent/guardian, CCRI will contact an
authorized individual, as stated on CCRI records, to come and retrieve your child.  Your child will not be sent with anyone not
authorized in writing by the parent/guardian.  CCRI takes this procedure and your child’s safety very seriously.  Phone calls
made to the CCRI Camp office are not accepted.

Generally ratios are 1:10-1:12 but are actually based on individual activities.  For example: football may have a 1:14 ratio
where cooking may have a 1:8.  Depending upon the safety of each activity, the appropriate ratio is applied.  White Tail Camp
ratios are usually closer to 1:8.

New for 2017 is Registration will be moving to an online platform - details to be announced soon.
The following forms: Camper Profile, Medication Administration Authorization Form (if child is to take meds at camp), Policy
Waiver , and Activity Sheet/s must be completed and all required deposits and/or balances with close or past due dates must
be received by designated due dates (see #12) to secure camp placement. A separate deposit is required per child/per each
session you request. If mailing multiple deposits, please use only one check. Activity Sheets will be emailed to you soon. A $10
fee is required for registration requests made with less than a 5 business day notice prior to the first day of the first session
you wish to register. A $30 fee is required for registration requests/accommodations made 3 days or less, prior to the first day
of the first session you wish to register.

Deposits- a non-refundable $50 deposit per child per session, per camp is required at time of application to secure
placement. This amount goes towards total balance due. In the event of cancellation, the deposit is forfeited and may not be
applied towards a remaining balance. A deposit is a commitment to attend camp. Failure to notify CCRI of cancellation 14 days
in advance and/or failure to attend without notification will result in you being responsible and billed for the full cost of camp
that session.

Late ADD Registration Request/Session Change Request/Cancellation/Refunds – - An additional $30 fee is required
for Late Add registration requests made 3 days or less prior to the first day of the first session you wish your child to attend. A
session can be ‘switched’ if we receive your request in writing (CCRI P.O. Box 221 Crownsville, MD. 21032) at least 14 days
prior to the first day of the session you wish to change. Please note there is a $10 ‘change fee’ per child/ per session you wish
to change. When the appropriate 14 day written notice is provided, in this case only, the $50 deposit fee and any balance
received can transfer to a newly added session only. If a new session is not added, the non-refundable deposit is forfeited
however the balance can still be transferred to another session previously registered for. Unfortunately, a written notice
received thirteen days (or less) prior to the first day of the session you wish to change or cancel, means both the applicable
balance and non-refundable deposit are forfeited and can no longer be transferred or refunded. Refunds begin being
processed and are mailed the second week in September.

Every participant attending the Bayside Summer Adventure Camp program must have a completed Camper Registration Form
with emergency information and medical information on file, prior to attending camp. In addition a signed waiver and full
payment must be received to the CCRI office.

Safety is paramount to the camp program.  All children must be brought to and picked up from Sandy Point State Park or the
designated transportation sites by a parent or authorized person.  

Camp rules will be established and taught to the children at the beginning of each camp session and regularly reviewed to
ensure safety of all campers.  Children are instructed as to the areas where they are allowed to play.

Children will participate in 1-4 activities each session dependent upon their selected activity choices, the time allotment
required for each individual program, and Specialty or Sports Camp participation.  Kids will be able to participate in a mixed
array of activities, based on their returned activity sign-up sheet(s), that may vary week to week.  Some examples may include:  
Basketball, Soccer, Canoeing, Crabbing, Fishing, Hiking, Beach Exploring, Dance, Football, Hockey, Arts & Crafts, Volleyball,
Rollerblading, Science & Magic, Puppetry, and Outdoor Cooking.

SESSION BALANCE DUE DATES (Will be updated soon)
Balances must be received through the mail or Pay Pal and be paid in full for each registered session (balance to include
deposit, camp, extended hour/transportation, and any processing fees for each applicable session).  Failure to submit balance
by due dates may result in forfeiture of deposit, immediate termination of child’s placement and a $30 processing fee to secure
child’s placement pending same day drop off of required paperwork and/or payment to CCRI’s P.O. Box #221 Crownsville, MD.  
CCRI does not mail reminder billing statements.  Please be advised that this is your responsibility. Payment will not be accepted
at bus stops or at Sandy Point.  No exceptions!

Due Dates for Balance - The deposit goes towards the total camp fee (to include any bus, extended hour and/or late add
fee/s) for each applicable session.

Session Balance Due Dates as Follow- Sessions 1,2,3 & 4 are due June 1st; Sessions 5,6 & 7 are due June 30th; Sessions 8,
9 & 10 are due July 15th.


1 June 11th –15th  *Trip        4b July 5th & 6th                 7 July 23rd –27th                    11 Aug. 20th -24th
2 June 18th–22nd                  4c  July 2nd-6th ***              8 July 30th -Aug.3rd               12 Aug. 27th  - 31st               
3 June 25th –June 29th         5 July  9th–13th                  9 Aug. 6th –10th                 **** July 2-6 is a M-F
4a July 2nd & 3rd                    6 July  16th -20th              10 Aug. 13th –17th              Trip/Overnight Camp
*Early Bird (EB) Session will be offered if we can reach an enrollment of 20 campers. Day Trip Program.

CCRI Bayside Adventure staff are excellent role models who are focused on the needs of campers while maintaining safe
camper to staff ratios.  Each staff member is individually selected and must possess superb references and skills.  Staff training
week concentrates on safety issues, effective leadership and includes a heavy emphasis on teaching skills. Most staff possess
certification in CPR and First Aid.

TAX I.D. #

Transportation is provided by Annapolis Bus Company for an additional fee from the following locations for Camp White Tail
and Camp Ultimate:

Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
North Bus
Location/School                                                                         Morning Drop Off           Evening Pick-Up
Gambrills- AR                        Arundel High School                            7:30                                5:30
Millersville - SC                     Shipley’s Choice Elementary                7:45                                5:15
Severna Park– SP                Severna Park High School                    7:55                               5:00        
Severna Park– FM                Folgers McKinsey Elementary              8:05                               4:45
Arnold –  SM                          Severn River Middle School                 8:20                               4:30

South Bus (We are looking to change some times to try and alleviate issues from last summer - check back
Location/School                                                                         Morning Drop Off           Evening Pick-Up
Crofton - CP                          Crofton Park                                        7:45                                5:10
Davidsonville –  DA                Davidsonville Park & Ride                    8:05                               5:30
Annapolis - AH                        Annapolis High School                        8:20                                4:40
Annapolis – GT                      Germantown Elementary                      8:30                               4:25

Bus departs promptly.  There is no fee for transportation from Sandy Point State Park for Trip Camp.

Very Important!  Afternoon Transportation Location Change:  If on any day you wish to change your child/ren’s afternoon pick-
up location (e.g. change from bus site to park), CCRI will only do so if the CCRI office receives an e-mail request 24 hours in
advance in addition to a written request (attn. Bayside Staff) which should accompany your child on the day of the requested
change.  If no e-mail is received, CCRI will adhere to your original request.

Please dress your child(ren) appropriately for weather conditions of the day.  All of our programs strive to provide a true
outdoor summer camp experience.  In case of rain, warm temperatures, or inclement weather, most activities will proceed as
scheduled.  In some cases, alternate activities may temporarily take place utilizing primarily the sheltered pavilion.  On
extremely hot days, children are encouraged to take frequent rest & water breaks.  A continuous cool breeze from the bay as
well as water pumps, and drinking fountains adjacent to utilized shelters make water easily accessible.  A complete change of
clothes (including shoes) is recommended.  


Please send children to camp each day with the following items:
Sturdy Shoes                                Extra Pair of Shoes & Socks
Hat/Sunglasses                        Insect Repellent
Bathing Suit                                Closed Toed "Water Shoes"
Rain Poncho                                Change of Clothes
Water Bottle                                Spray Bottle
Non-Perishable Lunch (warming not available)
Afternoon Snack

*Cell Phones (if out of bags @ camp)
*Hand Held Video Games
*Trading Cards                              
*Ipods/MP 3 Players                       
Money (unless requested for activity participation by camp staff)
*Will Be Confiscated – CCRI is not responsible for lost valuables.

In the event that you withdraw your child(ren), please refer to the refund policy in this handbook.  In the event that your child is
dismissed from camp due to disciplinary reasons, no refunds will be made.
What should I do if my child will be absent or miss a camp day?
Please notify the CCRI Camp Office if your child is absent from camp for two successive days.  Please identify specific camp
information and director's name and reason.  If your child is to be dismissed early, the Camp Director must receive a written
note beforehand.  This is for your child's safety!  There will be no credit for absences.  
The number to call is (410) 266-6132.

Can CCRI Counselors babysit for my child in the evening or weekend?
Please do not ask any of our employees to babysit for you after hours.  Our employees are strongly discouraged from
babysitting for families who have children enrolled in a CCRI program. This helps that they are no "blurred lines" between
when a child is under the care of CCRI or of an individual.

Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at camp?
Parents are invited to celebrate their child's birthday at camp.  If wishing to send a note to the Camp Director at least two
days prior. We usually are able to incorporate a Happy Birthday song into our daily routine. Parents may provide a snack for
their child's group for the celebration but please remember allergies and we ask for store bought items with ingredients
clearly labeled.

CAMPER ACTIVITY SIGN-UP SHEETS-  (E-mailed Prior To Camp) (Will be updated soon)
Activities are assigned based on your child(ren)’s returned activity sign-up sheet(s) on the first day of camp. New for 2018
we are not accepting them through the mail.   Activity slots are limited & are based on a first come basis.  Every effort is
made to accommodate children's’ 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for each applicable activity period (# of activity periods dependent
upon camp).   One activity is assigned for each activity period (derived from your child(ren)’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd preference).   
Please remember that children will participate in the same activity Monday PM through Friday AM, at the same time each
day.  Example: if your child’s first choice is (and if your child has been assigned to) Ooey Gooey Science for activity period
one, your child will do this activity every day at the same time.  If the first choice is not available, then every effort will made
to accommodate their 2nd choice, etc..  Children participate in one activity per each activity period per week.  Please see
activity sign-up directions for clarification.  Individual activities determine the number of children that can be accommodated
during each activity period.  Some activities are repeated in the AM/PM as well as from one week to the next so that children
may experience a variety of interests.   

Activity sheets will not be accepted through the mail.  No exceptions!  Children should bring their completed activity sheet
with them on Monday morning to be given to their counselor. Those that do not bring their activity sheets with them to turn in
will spend part of Monday morning choosing from the wide variety of activities offered that session.

CCRI’s Bayside Summer Adventure Camp is unique because children are empowered to choose their OWN activities as
they plan their week.  Please understand that these activity sheets are for children to complete, not their parents.  If your
child(ren) select something you do not agree with, remember that this is about their summer, their experience & their

Changing activities, after sign-up sheet has been returned to CCRI, is highly discouraged.  If your child wishes to make a
change, please send in writing to camp the activity period #, & activity you wish to change to.  Unfortunately, changes are
not guaranteed & are based on availability. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however CCRI works very
hard to provide ALL children with a positive program experience.

During sessions  2, 5 (Families), 7, 9  & 11 Camp Ultimate participants (8-13 year olds only!) will be invited to
attend a special camp out!  Cookouts, campfires and many more exciting activities are all part of the fun.

On the Monday or Tuesday of each camp session (see applicable sessions above), children will receive a
permission slip for the overnight (an e-mail notice will also be sent).  If you would like for your child to
participate, simply return the permission form with the registration fee to camp with your child (by Wednesday
evening preferably).  Please do not send money for overnights before the session of camp!