The pleasure of learning and knowing, and of
understanding, is one of the most important and basic
feelings that every child expects from experiences he
confronts alone, with other children, or with adults. It is
a crucial feeling which must be reinforced so that the
pleasure survives even when reality might prove that
learning, knowing and understanding involve difficulty
and efforts.”   ~Edwards, Foreman and Gandini
When you drop your children off at an education
program, you are looking for more than childcare – you
want a place alive with possibilities for learning and
discovery, a place that feels warm, inviting and nurturing
for your whole family. The Annapolis TALS Education
Community is just that kind of place, offering high-quality
care and education for children ages 3 to 5 close to
Annapolis’s Epping Forrest, Rolling Knolls and Carriage
Hills neighborhoods.  TALS supports students as they
follow their curiosity, explore their community, build
friendships and learn to resolve conflicts independently.  
On any given day, children might plant vegetables in the
garden, sculpt with wire in the art studio, go on a ‘bug
hunt’, take a field trip to a castle, build a volcano with
blocks, observe an owl close up, explore shadows, write
a story about a shark and a dragon, or bake bread.

This sense of community extends to moms, dads and
caretakers.  Families are invited to participate in puppet
shows, sing a longs, donuts w/ dad, make something w/
mom, PJ story nights and field trips, attend free
parenting classes and get to know TALS’s caring staff
through regularly scheduled conferences and daily

The TALS program believes that excellent childcare
should be available to all families, and we work to make
that possible through affordable tuition options,
extended hours and flexible policies. The more diverse
our school community is, the richer the experience for
every student, teacher and family.
Early Childhood Program
“All children have preparedness, potential, curiosity and interest in constructing their learning;
negotiating with everything their environment brings to them.”    ~Lella Gandini